About ZKK

Zero Carbon Hub

ZKK operates as an organisational unit of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Centre for Innovation Management and Cooperation. ZKK aims to help achieve the 2050 climate neutrality goal set in Hungarian law, as a knowledge centre that stimulates various interdisciplinary collaborations.

The Centre was born out of the recognition that business and technological innovations will play a key role in the “green transition”, which will not only offer opportunities for the research and innovation sector but can also become important tools for economic development by strengthening the domestic background industry. However, achieving the simultaneous goals of decarbonisation and economic development requires close cooperation between the technical and social sciences. ZKK will provide a platform for this cooperation with the aim of enabling Hungary to apply the key technologies and market organisation solutions of the future in practice as soon as possible, building on the domestic innovation and knowledge base, but also taking advantage of the opportunities for international cooperation.

ZKK will promote the use of green innovations in the following main areas:


  • Dr. Péter Kaderják

  • Dr. Pálma Szolnoki

  • Ágnes Csermely

  • Balázs Lengyel

  • Kinga Katona

  • Anna Mészégető

Dr. Péter Kaderják

Head of Zero Carbon Hub

Dr. Péter Kaderják has a long-standing academic and decision-making experience in the fields of energy-related regulatory process, including energy and climate policy. Formerly, he had served in several high-level government and regulatory positions. He was Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Policy at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology of Hungary, he acted as member of the Supervisory Board of ACER (Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators), he was the President of the Hungarian Energy Office, he was Chief of Cabinet for the Minister of Economic Affairs of Hungary. His academic affiliations are linked primarily to Corvinus University of Budapest and its predecessor institutions, where he received his degrees and established REKK (Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research), which he directed between 2004 and 2018. His past and current activities are strongly linked to the liberalisation and European integration of the Hungarian electricity and natural gas sectors, the successful diversification of the Hungarian natural gas sector, the creation of national strategies to meet climate neutrality by Hungary by 2050. Today, he is engaged in designing and implementing policies, programs, conducting research and providing educational programmes that will move Hungary towards climate neutrality.

Dr. Péter Kaderják is the Head of Zero Carbon Hub at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. In this capacity, he works on policy proposals, projects, research and education programmes that help Hungary to reach climate-neutrality.

Dr. Pálma Szolnoki

Pálma Szolnoki has extensive academic, business and regulatory experience regarding the energy sector in Hungary. Dr. Szolnoki graduated as a macro-analyst at Budapest Corvinus University and began her career at the university-based research centre, REKK (Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research), where she spent eight years leading Hungarian and regional projects and teaching on this subject. Later, she worked as an analyst and business development expert at major Hungarian energy companies (HUPX-CEEGEX, MVM). At IP Systems, she worked on energy market digitalisation projects in the CEE region (Ukraine, Croatia, Baltic States). Recently, she led the natural gas market monitoring unit at the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority. She was the first chairwoman of the Natural Gas Market Committee of ERRA (Energy Regulators Regional Association). In 2017,  Dr. Szolnoki was awarded ERRA’s prestigious international award, titled Regulatory Research Award.

As Senior Associate of Zero Carbon Hub, she focuses on the green transition of the electricity market, energy communities, green financing and the development of the biogas sector.

Ágnes Csermely

Senior Research Associate

Ágnes Csermely has extensive experience in energy sector regulation and analysing energy transition issues. Before joining ZKK, she worked as Head of Department at the Regulatory Authority, where she led the market monitoring and surveillance activities of the Authority as well as the team developing economic analyses and analytical decision support materials. She represented the Authority in ACER’s market monitoring (REMIT) working committee. Prior to that, she worked for the MOL group in the regulatory affairs and strategy department where she was involved in energy market modelling and market impact analysis projects of energy policy, regulation and infrastructure developments.


Before the energy sector, she worked at the Hungarian National Bank in various positions, from junior analyst to director responsible for macroeconomic forecasting and modelling. She represented the MNB in relevant European Commission and ECB working parties. She graduated from the Corvinus University and obtained a post-graduate degree in Energy Economics.

Balázs Lengyel

Research Associate

As an economist, Balázs Lengyel first joined and gained experience at a Hungarian company constructing electric power grids, installing solar power plants and implementing energy efficiency projects. His main tasks were the financing of the company itself and individual projects. He was also responsible for overseeing the controlling and finances department. Being always curious about sustainability and the future of energy in 2016 he enrolled and received a post graduate diploma as an energy economist at Corvinus University Budapest. He worked at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, Department of Decarbonization as an energy efficiency officer.

At Zero Carbon Hub, he mainly deals with energy efficiency projects as a part-time associate.

Kinga Katona

Operations & Communications Manager

As an economist, Kinga Katona has worked mainly in the field of communication for Hungarian and multinational agencies, on the client side for SMBs. At ZKK she is responsible for operational and communication tasks.

Anna Mészégető

Research Associate

Anna Mészégető is a junior analyst at Zero Carbon Hub. She works mainly on the decarbonisation of the electricity sector and the grid integration of weather-dependent renewable energy producers.

ZKK was established with the support of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology of Hungary.